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Little Boy, August 6 (Barefoot Gen tribute)

A personal piece based on Keiji Nakazawa's semi-autobiographical story of surviving the atomic attack on Hiroshima, Japan. This scene is when the main character, 6 year old "Gen", first sees one of the horribly injured victims and begins to grasp the scale of the incident. The victim's appearance is based on Keiji's and Dr. Shuntaro Hida's eye-witness accounts which describe the condition of people who had suffered massive fatal and traumatic injuries yet managed to live for a short time, in some cases walking several kilometers before dying.

I originally found the book on the shelf of my elementary school and it's graphic imagery burned itself into my memory. Now that I'm mature enough to understand the true horror and extent of suffering, it's even more disturbing.

The title refers both to young Gen and the name of the weapon unleashed that day.

Christopher balaskas barefoot gen 1920
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